Environment Setup#

As a smart contract developer, you will need to write, compile, upload, and test your contracts before deploying them on the Columbus mainnet. The first step is to set up a specialized environment to streamline development.

Install Terra Core locally#

Visit build Terra core to install the latest version of Terra Core to obtain a working version of terrad. You will need this to connect to your local Terra test network to work with smart contracts.

Download LocalTerra#

In order to work with Terra Smart Contracts, you should have access to a Terra network that includes the WASM integration.

In this tutorial, you will be using LocalTerra, a package that enables you to easily spin up a local, WASM-enabled private testnet. This reduces the friction of development by giving you complete control of a private Terra blockchain with the possibility to easily reset the world state.

To use LocalTerra, you should first make sure Docker is installed on your computer by following the Docker get-started tutorial. You will also need to set up and configure Docker Compose on your machine.

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/terra-money/localterra
cd localterra
docker-compose up

You should now have a local testnet running on your machine, with the following configurations:

The account with the following mnemonic is the sole validator on the network and has enough funds to get started with smart contracts.

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Install Rust#

While WASM smart contracts can theoretically be written in any programming language, it is currently only recommended to use Rust as it is the only language for which mature libraries and tooling exist for CosmWasm. For this tutorial, you’ll need to also install the latest version of Rust by following the instructions here.

Once you’ll installed Rust and its toolchain (cargo et al.), you’ll need to add the wasm32-unknown-unknown compilation target.

rustup default stable
rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown

Then, install cargo-generate, which you will need for bootstrapping new CosmWasm smart contracts via a template.

cargo install cargo-generate --features vendored-openssl

Next, install cargo-run-script, which is required to optimize smart contracts.

cargo install cargo-run-script