Court delegations#

Consider the following options to help improve your visibility and make yourself known to potential delegators.

Set up a website#

Set up a website so that your delegators can find you. It is recommended that you make a custom section for Terra delegators that instructs them how to delegate Luna tokens.

Announce yourself on Discord#

Join the Terra Validators Discord channel, and introduce yourself.

Submit a validator profile#

Submit a Validator Profile to make it official.

Put a thumbnail on Terra Station#

Create a Keybase Account follow the Keybase instructions to set up a PGP key, and upload a profile picture. For best continuity use the same GitHub account to verify your Keybase, and your Validator Profile

Now link your Keybase profile to your validator. Open your validator terminal and execute this command:

terrad tx staking edit-validator \
    --identity="keybase identity"