Install terrad for Mac (Intel or M1)

Install terrad for Mac (Intel or M1)#

terrad is the command-line interface and daemon that connects to Terra and enables you to interact with the Terra blockchain. Terra core is the official Golang reference implementation of the Terra node software.

This guide is for developers who want to install terrad and interact with Terra core without running a full node. If you want to run a full node or join a network, visit Run a full Terra node .

  1. Navigate to and click on the latest release.

  2. Download the terra_<latest-version-here>_Darwin_x86_64.tar.gz file.

  3. Unzip the file in the downloads folder by double clicking on it.

    M1 Mac users

    If you are using an Intel-based Mac, proceed to step 4.

    M1 Mac users will need to create /lib and /bin directories in /usr/local:

    sudo cd /usr/local
    sudo mkdir lib
    sudo mkdir bin
  4. Navigate to the expanded file in downloads:

    cd Downloads/terra_<downloaded-version>_Darwin_x86_64/
  5. Copy libwasmvm.dylib to /lib:

    sudo cp libwasmvm.dylib /usr/local/lib
  6. Add terrad to your path:

    sudo cp terrad /usr/local/bin
  7. Start terrad


    If a security warning occurs:

    1. Open your System Preferences and click Security & Privacy.

    2. Under the General tab, click Allow anyway.

    3. Run terrad again.

    4. When prompted, click Open.

    5. Repeat for other security errors or warnings.